The Mortgage iQ Show: Using Multi-Touch Marketing in Lending

Steven James


Times are changing!

In the current marketing environment for lending, there is more and more competition, and our audience is getting more sophisticated in how they interact with messaging and communication. The days of just doing some email blasts and print campaigns are over. These days, people’s inboxes are inundated with marketing emails and Spam filters are more often than not filtering out your marketing emails no matter how professional they look. To get better ROI on your marketing you need to use a true multi-touch marketing system – taking advantage of a variety of communication channels. And most importantly, it all needs to be part of an integrated Marketing System. So let’s talk a little more about how these channels work.


Text Message Marketing

Text messaging or SMS marketing is huge right now and is the ultimate compliment for your email marketing. As most of us can probably relate, our interaction with texting is much more engaged than responding to the dreaded email inbox. Imagine if you had a system that could send automated text messages as part of your marketing campaign. The content possibilities are endless – from casual check-ins and nudges to detailed info delivery all at a very personal touchpoint.


Voicemail Drops

Let’s move on to our next multi-touch channel: voicemail drops. Most of us are pretty good about checking voicemails on our mobile devices, but did you know there’s a technology that can send a pre-recorded voicemail to your phone without even ringing? Imagine you check your phone and see that you have a voicemail, but nobody called. You’d be intrigued to listen, right? And as with our other channels, imagine being able to completely automate these voicemail drops with a variety of recordings for every situation. You can take advantage of this format, by telling your audience you just wanted to leave them some important info without interrupting their day. Brilliant.


Tying it all Together

Also, think about having a system that not only automates each of your channels including email, text messaging, voicemail drops and more but imagine being totally synced with your sales database and using triggers based on various data points. For instance, let’s say you have a new lead in the system that responds to an automated weekly product email. Let’s say they fill out a loan app, and credit is pulled resulting in their status being “approved.” You would then want to pivot and based on that status change, change their marketing track from new lead to approved – maybe send them a congratulatory voicemail drop of their approval news. Again, all of this can be automated, integrated and monitored by your CRM. Speaking of monitoring, what if some of your audience have special compliance rules regarding their text message marketing. You need a system that can track all that and control which users are able to receive marketing.


It’s important to remember your audience is on a variety of devices, apps and platforms and so we need to be making connections with them at each step. Another benefit of a multi-touch marketing system, is that your audience has a variety of options of how they can respond. Some people might be more into texting vs others might be into calling back from a voicemail they received or maybe even an email.


So hopefully you got a good overview of how multi-touch marketing can work with the right system in place. If you’d like to learn more about getting started with a true enterprise-level CRM platform with comprehensive multi-touch marketing, feel free to reach out to us today.