The Mortgage iQ Show: How geocoding with Geocodio benefits your marketing & sales segmentation

Steven James


If you’re not using geocoding with your sales data these days, you’re definitely missing out. Bringing in geographical data points to your contact database not only drastically increases your marketing segmentation capabilities but also can be highly enabling to your sales team as well. Mortgage IQ uses Geocodio as an integral part of our geocoding workflow, intelligent lead and/or account routing and assignments based on sophisticated geographical assignment rules, surgical marketing, sales route optimization and more.


What is geocoding?

Geocoding technnology allows for the abilty to obtain the exact physical location of any contact record (using latitude and longitude) and use that data as a filtering/segmentation tool in your CRM database. Using this coordinates-based system can take you far beyond segmenting data by city, state or zip and instead, hone in on a location by a mile radius of of a certain address’ longitude and latitude. This is an integration provided by Geocodio and plugged-in directly to MiQ CRM.


How will geocoding benefit my Marketing operations?

These days, most of us see the value in segmenting marketing campaigns, whether that be email, calls or texting by geographic location. Not only are we able to better target the demographics of those specific locations, but we’re also able to solicit specific products that are appropriate for specific geographic areas. While traditional data like zip codes or area codes with phone numbers can be used, they just aren’t targeted enough or worse are’t accurate. What you really need is to target your marketing based on radius around a targeted area, and that’s exactly what geocoding can provide in your MiQ database.


How will geocoding enable my sales efforts?

Within the mortgage space, lenders in today’s market are seeing their sales teams gain expertise within a certain area of lending or certain geographical demographic. Same as with the marketing efforts above, these teams need to be able to filter and operate with leads and records that are best aligned to their areas of expertise, whether that be location or products that are more suitable for a certain location. This is where geocoding comes in...as a Loan Officer or Account Executive, I can automatically be assigned a group of leads to work based on a geographic radius from literally a point on the map. Just think of the endless possibilities and business rules that can be implemented with your team based on specific geographic parameters – and having that all completely dialed-in to your CRM is unbelievably powerful.


Getting started

Partnering with Geocodio has made the geocoding process incredibly simple and seamless. All that’s required is an account with Geocodio and the business rules in place to start geocoding with your database in Mortage iQ.


Reach out to us today to find out more about integrating with Geocodio and any of our other integrations.