Podcast: How to write better marketing emails - the nuances of email communication today

Steven James

Email marketing has changed so much over the years...in this podcast we examine the evolution of marketing emails and take a look at how we can approach our template design, content strategy and user experience in today's eMarketing environment.



These days, it’s safe to say that everyone is doing a lot of email marketing, and we’re always trying to do it better in order to get our desired consumer results. To improve our process, let’s take a step back and examine how marketing emails have changed over time and how this specific marketing channel is unique in its execution.


The evolution of email tech
Since its early days, email tech has heavily evolved from simple text-based communications to complex, media-rich marketing pieces with the user experience transitioning from methodically checking a sparse inbox at a desktop computer to an on-the-go mobile scanning frenzy of alerts. Moreover, email clients and providers have developed highly intuitive and sensitive inbox monitoring algorithms to regulate which emails even make it to the user’s inbox and which ones end up in the myriad of “lost” folders i.e. Junk, SPAM and promotions.


The sweet spot of email
Today, an email has a “sweet spot” where text or messenger communications meet a blog or news post. While it does provide a larger pallet for ample content, links, media and more, it is still coming in the form of a brief alert to quickly entice a user to open the message and take an action. Thus, the key is to creatively wield your content while not over-doing it and losing your user’s attention span or getting blocked by a SPAM filter. While graphic rich templates provide enticing branding experiences, more often than not in today’s environment of inbox over-saturation, a simple email with minimal messaging has a better chance of getting into a user’s inbox and being quickly acted upon by someone who’s on-the-go.


How you’re being received
Probably the best way to “test” your marketing email’s effectiveness is to look at it from the point of view of your user. Imagine yourself getting tons of other emails, alerts and communications every day on your device from multiple senders, platforms, apps and more. What display items in the email would most entice the user to tap and read including your subject line and preview text? What is the minimum amount of branding and template design that will convey your business identity and message to the user while still being robust (rendering consistently in a variety of formats) and simple to digest?


Next steps...
When you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, its essential that you have the right tools and the right team supporting your efforts. Whether it’s setting up your first true enterprise-level mortgage lending CRM system or looking at how you can better utilize your current applications, Mortgage iQ CRM has been designing lead management and marketing systems in the business for over 30 years. Reach out to us to talk more about how you can modernize and revolutionize your marketing communications today!