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NEW integration shows untapped Broker opportunities on your radar!

Chris King

You’ve heard it over and over... “know thy customer.” In the sales and marketing world, it’s a great slogan full of truth and wisdom. If I can know my customer, then I can work more efficiently to manage and provide that customer with the goods and services that I offer. But often times, we're not always able to see the whole picture, especially with sales and marketing tools with limited visibility.


If you're a wholesale lender, wouldn’t it be great to know how much of the business you're getting is really reaching the full potential of business you could be getting? In other words, all you see with your limited scan is the business you are currently getting. What you probably don’t see is the total potential of that business that’s out there in your area...the full scan!


We have a solution! Mortgage iQ CRM can now analyze your customer base to determine how much untapped business is out there for you. Mortgage Metrix is now integrated with Mortgage iQ to help analyze the delta between your current production volume and the total potential for your Broker clients. Easily analyze and execute your marketing and sales plan to exploit and target untapped broker business opportunities that can only be uncovered utilizing the data metrics provided by Mortgage Metrix integrated with Mortgage iQ CRM.


So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your system visibility and see what's out! Reach out to learn more about our powerful integrations.