Litmus Email Preview Integration Announcement

Ah, the world of email marketing..... with all of the constant changes in email client technology, sending your next email can be a shot in the dark for determining how it's actually going to look when it's received and opened.


As we all know first impressions are important.  And knowing how your prospects, clients and partners see you is critical. 


When you send your next email you will be at the mercy of your recipient's email client program to determine how your content is rendered. Whether it's Outlook 2016 on a Desktop PC or Gmail on a Samsung Phone it can be very challenging. 

 Until now!  


Our latest integration with Litmus' Email preview technology allows you to test your Mortgage iQ email templates on over 90 different email client scenarios with a single click! 

No more sleepless nights wondering how your 40,000 count email looked!  Now you've got your bases covered and can rest assured that you are leaving the right impression on everyone regardless of which device and email product they use.