Create better marketing emails with Mortgage iQ CRM integrated with Litmus Previews email testing

Steven James


Delivering CRM, Lead Management and Marketing solutions for Retail, Wholesale/Correspondent and/or Consumer Direct Lenders, we at Mortgage iQ CRM are in the email marketing business for the long haul. Find out how we utilize Litmus to maintain email design quality among a variety of client-specific design requests and applications.


The Challenge

As part of our CRM Marketing platform, Mortgage iQ CRM offers robust email marketing capabilities out of the box. All the facets of the email marketing process including content design, editing, testing and delivery are all handled in-house. Moreover, practically any data point from our CRM system can be utilized in building effective marketing emails including customer journeys, system surveys and other dynamic info. While offering the “full wheelhouse” can be incredibly beneficial to our clients, it presents a unique set of challenges with email construction, testing and quality control. In addition to using complex elements, email templates in our systems must also adhere to a variety of client branding elements all while rendering successfully in a variety of email applications.


As such, we need a complete testing platform to replicate the many user experiences across a wide span of email applications and devices, and we need it to be easily accessible for our design team. In addition to designing and testing email templates for our clients, we also need to offer the same set of tools to our clients who wish to design marketing templates in the system themselves.


How Litmus Solved the Challenge

Clearly, we needed a robust email testing solution complete enough to diagnose and assess the many complex email design parameters and intuitive and navigable from the perspective of a marketing professional. That’s why we chose Litmus Previews to handle all of our complex email design testing needs.


To meet this challenge, Litmus is fully integrated within the Mortgage iQ CRM platform, with a built-in Preview plug-in inside our CRM’s email template editor. With this powerful integration in place, real-time previews are available during the template design/editing process at the click of a button – and all without leaving the Mortgage iQ CRM platform. This is a huge benefit to Loan Officers and Account Executives who are in need of a fast-paced marketing design flow all within one system.


And with Litmus Previews, Mortgage iQ CRM users get a multi-client preview of what rendered emails are going to look like on practically every email system that could be used by an end-user. This is incredibly helpful in order to build templates from scratch within the CRM platform that will perform well across a variety of systems for a plethora of users.


The Results

To put it simply, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without Litmus. It cuts down on email testing and design time significantly and keeps our users’ templates error-free and rendering successfully on a variety of email clients. This means a rock-solid product for Mortgage iQ CRM and more effective marketing for our clients.


Getting started

Partnering with Litmus has taken our clients' email marketing to whole new level. And all that’s required to start using Litmus Previews with Mortgage iQ is a Litmus account and you're ready to go!


Reach out to us today to find out more about integrating with Litmus and any of our other marketing integrations.