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The Mortgage iQ Show: Using Multi-Touch Marketing in Lending

Steven James

To get better ROI on your marketing you need to use a true multi-touch marketing system – taking advantage of a variety of communication channels. And most importantly, it all needs to be part of an integrated Marketing System.

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WEBINAR: How Annie Mac Increases Business for New LO's by Over 20% Overnight!

Steven James

Replay our webinar where we sat down with Annie Mac Home Mortgage to learn how they increased their business by 20% overnight using Sales Boomerang integrated with Mortgage iQ CRM.


Create better marketing emails with Mortgage iQ CRM integrated with Litmus Previews email testing

Steven James

Learn how Litmus Previews enables Mortgage iQ CRM to maintain email design quality among a variety of client-specific design requests and applications.


The Mortgage iQ Show: How geocoding with Geocodio benefits your marketing & sales segmentation

Steven James

Mortgage IQ CRM uses Geocodio as an integral part of our geocoding workflow, offering intelligent lead and/or account routing and assignments based on sophisticated geographical assignment rules, surgical marketing, sales route optimization and more.

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NEW integration shows untapped Broker opportunities on your radar!

Chris King

Easily analyze and execute your marketing and sales plan to exploit and target untapped broker business opportunities that can only be uncovered utilizing the data metrics provided by Mortgage Metrix and Mortgage iQ.

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Integrating Zapier with Mortgage iQ CRM

Steven James

Zapier is a convenient platform that lets you automate tasks between a multitude of web apps, saving you time in your day to day workflow.