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Announcing Messenger for Mortgage iQ CRM

MIQ Marketing

It's a changing world. And your partners and clients are demanding that you change along with them in the ways they want to communicate and interact with you. Messenger introduces a way to easily communicate via Text/SMS from any record within Mortgage iQ. Easily track your message threads right from a borrower or contact record. All messages sent/received are stored to history. You can even use message "templates" to save you time or even message a linked agent on a loan record!


Integration Announcement

Mortgage iQ® CRM is now integrated with Litmus® for instant email previews. Ah, the world of email marketing..... with all of the constant changes in email client technology, sending your next email can be a shot in the dark for determining how it's actually going to look when it's received and opened. As we all know first impressions are important. And knowing how your prospects, clients and partners see you is critical. When you send your next email you will be at the mercy of your recipient's email client program to determine how your content is rendered. Whether it's Outlook 2016 on a Desktop PC or Gmail on a Samsung Phone it can be very challenging. Until now!


Best Practice for Workflow in your CRM vs LOS

Chris King

An LOS is really great for “transactions”. You enter the borrower info, fill out the 1003, pull credit, etc. What an LOS is NOT great at is all of the other things that go into building a successful business in originations. Building Relationships and consistency in your daily groove in communications with borrowers AND partners are the key. This results in transactions…. Not the other way around!


Crush the Competition in 2018

Are you ready to crush the competition in 2018? With Mortgage iQ CRM you'll be prepared with overwhelming fire power. Your company will be faster, stronger and smarter at attracting business, managing your leads, closing more loans and recruiting more partners and top producers.


New Triple Threat Release from Mortgage iQ CRM

MIQ Marketing Team

Now you can be even more productive and efficient with these 3 new and exciting additions to Mortgage iQ. Our Power Dialing feature allows you to flip a switch and let MIQ do the work. You can push any group of selected records into the Power Dialer queue and let it do its thing. Our integration with SlyBroadcast let’s you send a voice mail “drop” to any record while you move on to the next call. Finally, calendar and email integration with Mortgage iQ and ANY Exchange-connected client. Now you are really ready to threaten your competition with overwhelming fire power for making you faster, stronger and smarter at closing your loans and recruiting partners.

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Reaching your prospects and customers with Automated Marketing - So many choices. . . so easy to get it wrong Part 3

Chris King

PART 3 - Continuing the series of articles on Automated Marketing, this chapter focuses on Relevance and Readability through content, layout and other concepts to ensure your marketing communications hit their mark. Relevance = subject matter + timing. If you are optimizing both of these components, you will have the undivided attention of your audience by planning out your strategy and utilizing your CRM platform to achieve your Marketing objectives.