Mortgage CRM that Integrates with a variety of lending marketing platforms and applications

Stay in sync with your Lead Providers 

Seamlessly manage your lead workflow and tracking by utilizing our full integration with a variety of platforms.  Each vendor can be configured to determine rules for lead assignment (i.e. round robin, weighted, shotgun, etc.) in addition to more specific criteria such as state licensing, daily lead count caps and/or other tailored configurations. Lead Provider integrations include Affiliate Media Network, Bankrate, Best Rate Referrals,, Bold Leads, Comergence, DoublePositive, Experian, Free Rate Update, GotConsumer, LeadPoint, LeadPops, LeadsBridge, LeadPress, Lending Manager, LendingTree, LinkedIn, Loanbright, LoanFuel, LowerMyBills, QuinStreet, ResourceMarketingCorp, SuitedConnector, WebMax, Wisdom Companies and Zillow.

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