Why Mortgage iQ CRM?

Our role is to serve your Organization as your Partner and Concierge for all of your CRM related needs.

We maintain a very personal relationship with you, allowing us to provide solutions for your specific business opportunities.

Our technology and solutions are built to be customizable and flexible so that we never have to say "NO" to a need or request.

Consider us your "Seal Team 6" for implementing, supporting and growing your CRM initiatives.

Our Story

Founded in 1992, CRMnow is a leading provider of foundational CRM software and related services within the Mortgage Lending Industry.

CRMnow's flagship product, Mortgage iQ® was developed over 15 years ago and has helped its customers to revolutionize their workflow and streamline the Sales, Marketing and CRM related tasks within their companies. Supporting lenders nationally such as Nova Home Loans, Annie Mac Home Mortgage and other lenders with users now in the thousands, Mortgage iQ is often described by customers as their "business plan for the future".

Because of the specific focus on the lending industry, customers can accelerate the time typically involved in implementing CRM resulting in fast starts and quicker ROI. A distinct advantage is our longstanding experience in CRM related technology and related services. Our first implementation for a Mortgage Lender was in 1996.

With over 25 years' experience in CRM implementations, our customers heavily rely on our best practice for solving their business issues and guiding them in their execution of their CRM initiatives.


1992 - Company Founded and launched to provide CRM consulting across multiple industries

1996 - First Mortgage Client Implementation

2002 - Mortgage iQ Product Launched

2011 - Product launch for Web-based UI

2016 - New Marketing Engine Technology Launched

2017 - All new version released packed with dozens of new features and integrations

2018 - Penetration and expansion into multi-tiered Lending divisions include Wholesale/TPO and Recruiting.  Major new version 8.3 launched offering Unified Messenger supporting SMS/MMS Texting capabilities.