Why Mortgage iQ CRM?

Our role is to serve your Organization as your Partner and Concierge for all of your CRM related needs.

We maintain a very personal relationship with you, allowing us to provide solutions for your specific business opportunities.

Our technology and solutions are built to be customizable and flexible so that we never have to say "NO" to a need or request.

Consider us your "Seal Team 6" for implementing, supporting and growing your CRM initiatives.

Our Story

Founded in 1992, CRMnow is a leading provider of foundational CRM software and related services within the Mortgage Lending Industry.

CRMnow's flagship product, Mortgage iQ® was developed over 15 years ago and has helped its customers to revolutionize their workflow and streamline the Sales, Marketing and CRM related tasks within their companies. Supporting lenders nationally such as Nova Home Loans, Annie Mac Home Mortgage and other lenders with users now in the thousands, Mortgage iQ is often described by customers as their "business plan for the future".

Because of the specific focus on the lending industry, customers can accelerate the time typically involved in implementing CRM resulting in fast starts and quicker ROI. A distinct advantage is our longstanding experience in CRM related technology and related services. Our first implementation for a Mortgage Lender was in 1996.

With over 25 years' experience in CRM implementations, our customers heavily rely on our best practice for solving their business issues and guiding them in their execution of their CRM initiatives.




Our Favorite Charities

We've had the opportunity to be personally involved with both of the below Charity Organizations over the last 10 years.   


Compassion International is a child-advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty. The ministry releases children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. The goal is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult.

Compassion's work has grown from modest beginnings in South Korea in 1952 when American evangelist Rev. Everett Swanson felt compelled to help 35 children orphaned by the Korean conflict. Today it is a worldwide ministry where millions of children are now reaping the benefits of one man's clear, God-given vision.



SCGRR's dogs are all in foster homes, never kenneled, temperament tested, socialized and vetted prior to adoption. Their goal is to find the perfect home for each individual dog and each one has their own personal representative.

Their mission is to find loving, lifetime homes for all Southern California Golden Retrievers in need, regardless of conditions or circumstances. They will always strive to heal the sick and injured, rehabilitate the neglected and abused, and nurture the aged and unwanted until we find the perfect family who will shower them with unconditional love.

SCGRR's vision is to build a refuge – a sanctuary – to serve as a halfway house where each of their beloved Goldens can rest and recuperate, prior to being placed with a foster or permanent family and moving on in their new lives.

Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue is the third largest Golden Retriever Rescue in the country and second largest in the Western Region. 






2018 - Penetration and expansion into multi-tiered Lending divisions include Wholesale, Correspondent and Recruiting.  Major new version 8.3 launched offering Unified Messenger supporting SMS/MMS Texting and Voice Communications capabilities.

2019 - Continued expansion of feature set including integrated Voice/Text, integrations including Sales Boomerang, Leads Bridge and many others.

2020 - Accelerated New Client acquisitions in Wholesale and Retail Lending along with continued expansion of technology integrations with Zapier, Mortgage Metrix, Loan Scorecard and many more.

2021 - Development started on totally new product and platform architecture.  New integrations announced for Blend Point of Sale, Zoom, Lending Pad LOS and more!

2022 - All new CRM platform announced!  NextWave CRM introduces a new era in enterprise-level Sales, Lead Management and Marketing for mortgage professionals!