Mortgage CRM Software . . . What is it?

The term Customer Relationship Management is thrown around by many companies today claiming to have “CRM.” It’s as if it's just a three letter acronym or a one-line feature on a list of things that many systems claim to do. The truth is that CRM includes a vast array of needs and requirements depending on your business model, company size and workflow.


Many of the companies that say they have CRM technology cover just one or two principles of CRM – for example lead management or marketing. Our flagship product Mortgage iQ is the only technology that provides all the facets of CRM including:


Newicontransp 24x 22  Feature-rich Contact and Activity Management

Newicontransp 24x 22  Integration with Microsoft Outlook/Word/Excel

Newicontransp 24x 22  Lead Generation

Newicontransp 24x 22  Lead Nurturing
Newicontransp 24x 22  Lead Management
Newicontransp 24x 22  Data Mining
Newicontransp 24x 22  Native Websites or Website Integration

Newicontransp 24x 22  Customer and Partner Web Portals

Newicontransp 24x 22  Integrated Loan Application and Document Portal

Newicontransp 24x 22  Sales Workflow

Newicontransp 24x 22  Sales Presentation Materials
Newicontransp 24x 22  Sales and Marketing Compliance

Newicontransp 24x 22  Robust Automated Marketing

Newicontransp 24x 22  Customer Service/CFPB Complaints Management

Newicontransp 24x 22  Customizable Dashboards and Reporting
Newicontransp 24x 22  Recruiting
Newicontransp 24x 22  Phone System Integration
Newicontransp 24x 22  LOS Integration



In other words, all aspects of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service that your company needs.

A test for true CRM technology is who uses it. If it’s only used by your Loan Officers (or just their assistants) or only by your marketing team then it’s not a CRM System. It should also be valuable to assistants, CSR's, managers, processors, executives, partners, business development and most importantly – your customers.

Some Loan Origination Systems list CRM on their feature set. However, your LOS is built from the ground up to focus on the loan transaction; as it should be. The truth is that CRM needs span so many other facets of data, workflow and tracking needs that the transactional structure and focus of an LOS is just not a fit.


In the attempt to cover all of these areas, the partner and technology you choose MUST be 100% focused within that domain expertise at an enterprise level.


We've been delivering true CRM for over 20 years. We've seen clients try to use applications for CRM that were just never meant to do this. Your LOS is no exception. Using your LOS for CRM would be about as frustrating as trying to underwrite, process and fund loans using a CRM system. You just can’t do it.


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Mortgage iQ pays for itself many, many times over with the increased savings and revenues that result from efficiencies and from the marketing that Mortgage iQ makes so easy.


Jay Voorhees Owner/Broker

JVM Lending

Effective CRM is absolutely essential if you hope to thrive in today's mortgage industry. You also need to know that the CRM provider is not only reliable, but responsive to your needs. Without question, Mortgage IQ has been a major factor in making our company successful.


Joe PaneBianco President and CEO
Annie Mac Home Mortgage


Mortgage iQ is a game changer.  The data analytics and being able to refine your sales and operations is essential for simplifying and scaling your current business.


Greg Gale Sr. Loan Officer
Nova Home Loans


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