Is Your CRM Missing the CRM?

We think it's a lot more than just drip marketing and email templates...
Mortgage iQ

A CRM that meets all needs

CRM is actually a "big" word. . .

. . . Why, because it can mean so many things depending on the user.  Mortgage iQ offers a scalable, enterprise-level platform so that your Power CRM LO's, your Corporate Marketing, Executive Management and everyone else will get what they want in a single system.

Dashboards for Everyone

Start your day . . .

. . . with Mortgage iQ's Dashboard. Tailor your critical factors to information that you need today. From important phone calls to pending tasks. From resolicit reminders to top referral sources, your Dashboards keep you informed

Partner Management

My Top Partners . . .

. . . Utilize the power of Mortgage iQ to present you with up-to-the-minute stats on Top Partners and closing ratios.  Helps you to focus on taking care of the people who take care of you!  

Executive Dashboards

I love Doughnuts . . .

. . .Especially the colored ones.  Mortgage iQ helps you to analyze and disect performance across a myriad of business factors and segmentations.  Change up the breakdown with just a few clicks.

Disposition/Drip Marketing

Mechanize your sales workflow and automate your follow-up  


We make it easy with drop down Disposition Menus so that you can update progress, obstacles and set follow-ups for leads that are future business or let our Marketing Tracks automatically communicate your periodic follow-ups, including  co-branding with your Realtor/Partners.


Personalized Web Sites

Collaborate and Communicate 


Exploit the power of our Responsive web sites to communicate your message to borrowers and partners across any device.  Our CMS dashboard technology makes it super easy to manage site content, images, blogs and more!   And here's a secret.  Our web site is powered and managed using Mortgage iQ CMS technology!


On-Line Loan App

Make it easy for your clients and partners to do business with you  


Let your customers and partners collaborate with you for feeding information into your database via our powerful Loan Application Portal.


Borrower/Partner Portals

24x7 access to Loan Updates


Let your customers and partners collaborate with you for feeding information into your database via our powerful Loan Application Portal including comments and File uploads.  Automated updates provide summary loan status updates. 


Mobile CRM

Any Device Total Access


With any time/anywhere access, utilize your mobile device to quickly access a borrower's phone number, loan status and more.   When working with RE agents in the field, get directions, send a quick email or even log a phone call.


Let borrowers access the borrower portal for loan status, LO contact info and more.

Quick Quote

Time is money . . . literally


The faster you can prequal your leads the more time you’ll have to focus on closing deals and not wasting time. 


Use the “Quick Quote” to get to your ratios fast and effectively in as little as 7 entries.  Apply your default loan programs and fees with a  single click to generate up to 4 scenarios.

Compliant Presentations

Professional looking presentations is a big part of the trust factor for your borrower. 


Make it look right with our comprehensive Scenario and Loan Summary Analysis presentations. Choose from a single loan or side by side.


Optimized Data Structure

Streamline your marketing and relationship management

Mortgage iQ is structured for focused management of Borrower Households and Contacts/Partners for optimal tracking and communication. 

Agent Manager

Concerned about compliance, lead distribution or fast response to borrowers from the right agent?


We can help.  With the Agent Manager, lead assignment and routing can be managed with ease.  Set assignment rules, frequency, min/max settings, state licensing and more.

Mortgage iQ pays for itself many, many times over with the increased savings and revenues that result from efficiencies and from the marketing that Mortgage iQ makes so easy.


Jay Voorhees Owner/Broker

JVM Lending

Effective CRM is absolutely essential if you hope to thrive in today's mortgage industry. You also need to know that the CRM provider is not only reliable, but responsive to your needs. Without question, Mortgage IQ has been a major factor in making our company successful.


Joe PaneBianco President and CEO
Annie Mac Home Mortgage


Mortgage iQ is a game changer.  The data analytics and being able to refine your sales and operations is essential for simplifying and scaling your current business.


Greg Gale Sr. Loan Officer
Nova Home Loans


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